Adobe Instagram Takeover

This project was a dream come true for me, I got a chance to not only fulfill a life long goal of working with Adobe but also creative direct some of my idols in the process. The end product was a collaborative 23 tile Instagram mural posted to the @AdobeCreativeCloud account. The takeover served a dual purpose, it was intended to build buzz for their biggest event of the year "Adobe MAX" and also work into their #MakeItOnMobile campaign The six influencers chosen to work on that campaign all participated; Dan Andreas, Elise Swopes, Victoria Siemer, Dan Mumford, Gyimah.Gariba and Gemma O’brien. The brief was open and straightforward: "Create a mural inspired by the MAX theme—uniting the world’s creative community to serve as a driving force for inspiration and cultural connection.”

Using my signature modular Instagram mural technique the entire grid moves one tile at a time, rearranging itself with each post. 
I paired some artists off into teams while others worked individually. Given the fact that the team was scattered all around the world choices had to be made both creatively and practically. Below are the individual contributions as I received (or created) them from each artist or team.

Dan Mumford and Andreas Preis 
Gyimah Gariba 
Micah Milner
Gemma O'Brien 
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